Scottish Renewables Annual Conference
Location:Edinburgh, Scotland  Map
Start Date:   2019-03-12
End Date:2019-03-13


Scotland’s renewable energy sector is facing a conundrum.

On one hand, increasingly ambitious climate change targets, a desire from government in both Edinburgh and London to decarbonise more quickly than ever before, and new innovations in technology and business models to suit our fast-changing energy landscape. 

On the other, political upheaval, policy uncertainty, disrupted revenue streams, skills shortages and perennial challenges around grid, finance and planning.

Scottish Renewables’ Annual Conference brings together the people who matter in this sector to debate its future. Over two days in Edinburgh we discuss pathways on which business can succeed while delivering on the political and public ambitions which have helped create our industry.

This is no traditional conference: delegate input is as important as the speakers on the stage. We understand that networking is how you do business, and we're committed to helping you to forge the links you need. This event’s interactive programme will help you make the most of your time, fusing informative sessions which address the issues that matter with informal networking opportunities and a focussed exhibition.