Bioenergy Australia Conference
Location:Brisbane, Australia  Map
Start Date:   2019-11-11
End Date:2019-11-15


Bioenergy Australia has to date held eighteen very successful conferences and integrated exhibitions from 2000 – 2017. Over the past several years this conference has attracted between 200 – 300 delegates from across Australia and also from overseas. It is anticipated that this year’s conference will be similarly successful.

Bioenergy Australia’s strategic objectives include the promotion of an awareness and understanding of bioenergy as a sustainable energy source to a range of key stakeholders. We are also seeking to broaden the market for biomass by enhancing opportunities, and aiming to facilitate the development and deployment of bioenergy business opportunities and projects. 

The Conference will cover the many facets of bioenergy including:

  1. Biomass resources, feedstock preparation and supply chain aspects
  2. Algae and other future feedstocks
  3. Conventional and advanced liquid biofuels
  4. Pyrolysis, hydrothermal processing and gasification
  5. Biogas production and utilisation
  6. Energy-from-waste
  7. Heat and power
  8. Biochar, biorefining and biochemicals
  9. Overarching aspects of bioenergy, such as policies, finance and investment, markets, life cycle emissions and sustainability
  10. Other.