CSP Madrid 2020 Conference and Exhibiton
Location:Madrid, Spain  Map
Start Date:   2020-11-17
End Date:2020-11-18


Key highlights include

  • 24/7 Renewables Systems – Meet grid demand using CSP as part of the electricity mix- with case studies from UAE, Morocco, China, South Africa, Spain, Chile, South Africa and Saudi Arabia

  • Concentrated Solar Heat (CSH) – Develop a business and investment model for process heat applications and district heat generation

  • Energy storage as a service – Understand how thermal storage can be used in the grid and novel applications to combine thermal storage with PV and conventional gas fired plants

  • LCOE Optimisation – Assess the latest CSP/PV hybrids and initiatives from suppliers to bring CSP costs down

  • Synergy with China – Review how European companies can work with Chinese suppliers to develop reliable components and CSP projects

  • Technical, Operational and O&M insights – Hear from plant managers on the day to day challenges in order to boost MWhs, efficiency and reliability